Linda Adreveno
Selected pieces from Atmospheres

"Atmospheres" is inspired by nature and the conflicting emotions it can evoke.   Sometimes peaceful sometimes moody… restless trees, foggy horizons, trickling water. They elicit a feeling of tranquility, making reference to place but their purpose is to conjure a keener awareness of the subtleties around us and the need for stillness and contemplation.

These paintings develop slowly and spontaneously, allowing images to emerge over time.  Before paint ever touches the surface I use paper to help create texture and structure, usually in multiple layers of varying thickness.  The result is a rough almost wrinkled surface. Each of the works in this series contains more than 100 layers of glaze which provides translucency and creates resonance.  I don't use brushes.  Color is applied in small thin strokes with a palette knife... layer upon layer
until the surface is smooth.

        Horizon (blue)      36" x 24"

    Creating Mine      40x30                                                                                       Capturing Time     40x30                                            

                        Almost There   36x36             Blowin Through    36x36

         30x40                                                                                                   On My Day     24x18


         Wisp    11x14                                                     Rising    16x20                                                      Across    11x14

         Snow Falls  24x30                                               Water Falls   24x30       On the Edge      20x16