Updated January 2020

Artist Statement



Each piece starts as a page from the New York Times. It’s then placed on a carved out wood plank and paint is scraped over the paper to “fill-in” the groves of the plank underneath. This is done over and over again with different placement each time. Then I choose which paths and channels to highlight, which to leave fuzzy or unconnected, and those to eliminate altogether.

We each have a printed sheet, words written on a piece of paper… things we want to do, to see or have, or accomplish… and usually, we have a plan. We overwrite that text/those words with our choices - where/when we start, and we frame the direction (up or down/positive or negative). Then come all the external elements and pressure points.  No matter what we plan or imagine, what we experience is a series of interconnected peaks and valleys and along the way we decide to highlight certain aspects of the plan/ journey, soften them, or erase them completel

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