Updated January 2020


"Bound"  2013

 San Francisco General  Hospital Foundation 

One of the fundraising efforts for San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Foundation is Hearts in San Francisco which debuted in 2004 as a city wide public art installation that featured heart sculptures by established and emerging artists.

I am very honored to have been selected three times to be a part of this art project. 

SF General Hospital Foundation is dedicated to providing private support to improve the  


 "Love Lace"  2011

 care and comfort of patients at SF General  Hospital and Trauma Center.  Every year, 

1 in 8 San Franciscans, nearly 100,000 people, are treated at  SFGH.   It supports a comprehensive medical  center which provides quality health care with compassion and respect to patients that include the city's most vulnerable. 

SFGH is the sole provider of trauma and psychiatric emergency services for San Francisco and northern San Mateo County and provides 20 percent of the city's inpatient care. SFGH is also one of the nation's top tertiary academic medical 

"Healing Conversations"  2009

"Healing Conversations"  2009

 centers conducting clinical  training and research.  Click here for more information about SF General Hospital and Trauma Center

UC San Francisco

Alliance Health Project

The AIDS Health Project is now the Alliance Health Project. AHL will continue to offer all of the AHP's current programs. For more info: http://www.ucsf-ahp.org/